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I started this collage with the large green shape that I cut out from a contemporary magazine and treated subsequently with acrylic matte medium to match it to the aged paper shapes that came from vintage magazines and from a book. The dominant mantis green shape is balanced by the bigger black shape and a smaller aged paper as well as the little wine red and quartz pink pieces which are complemented by a snippet of teal letters from an old advertisement. The letters “OAS” give this collage its name, but the title relates also to the dominant oasis-like green which is together with the more gentler colours pleasing and relaxing the observers eyes and hence leaves a sensation of a restful oasis.

This analog collage artwork is made with vintage paper from old Paris Match magazines and various contemporary magazines. It’s mounted on cardboard and varnished with professional and archive proof matte acrylic varnish.

“Oasis“ has been published in the Contemporary Collage Magazine, Issue 16

Collage aus sechs Elementen in grün, schwarz und pink, sowie Schriftzug aus alten Paris Match Illustrierten der 60er Jahre, Buchumschlägen und neueren Zeitschriften auf Finnpappe, abschließend beschichtet mit matt glänzendem Acryl-Lack.

Der Titel bezieht sich auf den Schriftzug aus einer alten Zeitschriftenanzeige, aber auch auf das dominierende Grün sowie die beruhigende Wirkung, die von den Tönen ausgeht und somit eine Oase der Ruhe für das Auge bieten.

„Oasis“ wurde in dem internationalen Contemporary Collage Magazine, Ausgabe 16 veröffentlicht.