• Highly Commended - The CONTEMPORARY COLLAGE MAGAZINE 2023 AWARDS Brochure

    Highly Commended - The CONTEMPORARY COLLAGE MAGAZINE 2023 AWARDS Brochure

    Type is something I usually use very casually in my collages.

    However, when I saw this aged and distressed poster I knew instantly that this was all about type. So I got my hands into the glue and handed it eventually in for last years awards of the London based Contemporary Collage Magazine.

    Contemporary Collage Magazine who had published before only digital copies issued this year their first print edition - full of great collage artists, insights and amongst them a feature on my own works and my art practice.
    Now Contemporary Collage Magazine added another print to their collection: The 2023 Awards Brochure.

    You can get either a print or digital copy in their Contemprorary Collage Magazine web shop.

    And beliefe me! It's full of fantastic collage art.

  • New Works

    New Works

    It's been a while since I last posted but I have been working on a new series mainly focussing on abstract and on collage on canvas and mixed media on canvas and panel.

    I would like to invite you to have a look. There's a new gallery section showing these works.

  • Traditions by Laurie Kanyer and The Kanyer Art Collection

    Traditions by Laurie Kanyer and The Kanyer Art Collection

    Still in need of a Christmas gift? Check out the newest in collage books: Traditions by Laurie Kanyer.

    It was a great delight to have two of my own coffee cup lid collages included in the collection and now in this publication.

    Traditions features a sample of the collages made upon recycled coffee cup lids for an international open call initiated by The Kanyer Art Collection

    The mission of The Kanyer Art Collection focuses on collecting collage and other activities with the goal to elevate, amplify, and magnify collage and its importance in art history. One way to achieve this mission is to hold international open calls for collages.

    Their 8th call had an emphasis on the theme of Mail Art and recycling. Artists were asked to create collage masterpieces using a discarded, disposable coffee cup lid as the substrate. Over 500 collages from 25 countries were sent to The Collection which resides in Central Washington, USA..

    All the Coffee Cup Collages were exhibited in spring 2023 at The Boxx Gallery in Tieton, Washington, USA.

    The exhibition featured all the Coffee Cup Collages received by The Collection. Founder of Mighty Tieton, Ed Marquand, hung all the Coffee Cup Collages precisely on tailor pins. There were so many Coffee Cup Collages they had to be displayed on tables and in the window vitrine of the gallery.

  • Want to know more about me? Read the first in print Contemporary Collage Magazine

    Want to know more about me? Read the first in print Contemporary Collage Magazine

    I have been following and reading the London based Contemporary Collage Magazine since their start and I enjoyed every issue. Now Les Jones and Molly Campbell have made sure this online magazine goes print. And I am even more excited to have my work featured in the first print edition of Contemporary Collage Magazine.

    If you are not a reader yet, if you are missing out on the latest news, background infos and features, head over to Contemporary Collage Magazine and preorder your in print copy or get the online version.

  • Upcoming group exhibition

    Upcoming group exhibition

    Excited to share with you my participation at the Italian Collagists Collective group exhibition in Bari, Italy.

    The exhibition follows their open call for 2023 "The Thousend Faces of Poverty" and I am particularly honoured to be part of it as it follows the message of his Holiness Pope Francis in view of the UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty celebrated annually on October 17th.

    This initiative aims to foster understanding and to promote the essential dialogue between people living in poverty and the wider society. Source United Nations

    I will be present at the exhibition opening and happy to see you there.

  • Conversations with Artists

    Conversations with Artists

    I had recently the great pleasure to converse with Serena from Conversations with Artists. Follow this link to read more.

    Serena is a prolific artist herself and interviews periodically artists working with different media. Her website hosts also an online gallery.

  • Charity Auction For Lahaina Artist Rita Lavalle

    Charity Auction For Lahaina Artist Rita Lavalle

    Many people were hit by the fire catastrophe on Maui. Among those is also the collage artist Rita Lavalle

    I followed Harri Kahla when he put his own work on auction and asked me to help.

    I can confirm that all proceeds went to Rita and I am very happy that this collage found a new home with Yves Leterrier

    Thank you to all bidders!

  • Interview with the art journal toombes

    Interview with the art journal toombes

    I had the pleasure to talk to the author of The Cutting Chaos , editor of the independent art journal toombes and visual artist Niko Vartiainen about collage.

    You can read the whole interview HERE

  • Women in Art

    Women in Art

    Just recently Sara Lily Perez called after the very nice opening of our group exhibition “International Womanx Month” and invited me to a panel talk about women in art.

    Though, I don’t believe that I can really contribute much more than my own personal experiences I’m very curious to hear the contributions of the other panelist ladies that come from various professions.

    Time & Location

    Mar 18, 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
    Berlin, Budapester Str. 48, 10787 Berlin, Deutschland

    What to expect:
    “We will be joined by a distinguished group of artists who will offer unique perspectives on the contributions and challenges faced by women in the art world. This promises to be an enlightening and thought-provoking event that will provide a platform for meaningful dialogue and reflection on this important subject. We look forward to your presence as we celebrate the diverse and inspiring voices of women in art.”

    Panel Talk begins at 4:00pm

    The group exhibition shows until 25 March some of my works.

  • A must-read for “Collage Care” fans

    A must-read for “Collage Care” fans

    When it comes to contemporary collage and specifically to contemporary collage collections then the Kanyer Art Collection is a major player. Having had one of my collages included in this collection last year has been a particular honour for me.

    The other day I found an email from Laurie Kanyer in my inbox and you can probably imagine the smile on my face when I read:

    “Congratulations on your work being featured in Collage Care: The Method.“

    I knew that Laurie was writing about her method that she has developed based on her many years spanning professional experience as a therapist and profound research on the topic.
    I had even had the pleasure to test at a certain stage one or two exercises and read parts of the draft and I have been since then looking forward to the publication.

    “Collage Care: The Method” is in a way a sequel to Laurie’s first book on the topi Collage Care published in 2021. In “Collage Care” Laurie shifted already the focus from collage as a fine art technique to the healing potential that collaging can offer and brought some really interesting aspects of collage to light.

    This week now and hardly two years later Laurie extends in and cooperation with CP Harrison her findings and shares with us in Collage Care:The Method not just another beautiful collage book but a ready to use tool for counselors, teachers and many other workers in the helping professions as you can read in the introduction.
    And yet, I still believe Laurie is cutting it short! As “Collage Care: The Method“ is a brilliant read for anyone interested to use collage also as a method to dive deep into their own emotions and feelings.

    “Collage Care: The Method” is available as a print copy and e-book.

    You can read more about Laurie and the Kanyer Art Collection here Laurie&Doug Kanyer Art Collection about Laurie and Doug.

  • Best of DaVinci Selection Exhibition in Paris

    Best of DaVinci  Selection Exhibition in Paris

    On 16 - 19 March 2023 you can see my work amongst those of 36 selected artists from 14 countries at ON-OFF Studio in Paris.

    The exhibition is a follow up of the Da Vinci Call organised by art in places

  • Group exhibition at SLP Gallery Berlin

    Group exhibition at SLP Gallery Berlin

    If you are in Berlin please come and join us for the upcoming exhibition at SLP Gallery.

    The gallery is beautifully situated in the luxurious concept shopping mall Bikini in the heart of the West Berlin. Sara Lilly Perez has put up this show with a lot of passion for female art and I’m absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to be part of this group show.

  • Exclusive interview with ato platform

    Exclusive interview with ato platform

    A while ago the newly founded startup ato platform contacted me and asked if I wanted to be part of their test run. ato tracks your artwork via blockchains and makes sure you receive royalties whenever your work gets resold. I believe this is an interesting option to ensure that artists receive their share of the sale, so I decided to give it a go.

    ato platform interviewed me recently and if you want to learn more about my art and my motivations please read the whole interview on ato platform