'My work is intuitive, impulsive and colour driven. Shapes are important, but colour reigns.

Colours affect us on an emotional level and that's where my works come from.

That's also what I aim for:
Connecting and communicating. Art is a language to me.'

Berlin-based collage artist Edina Picco learned from an early age on the basic rules of colour and composition from her Italian father Enea Picco and the circle of artists that surrounded the painter. They ultimately formed her understanding of art and creativity.

After accomplishing a combined master degree
in English and Italian literature and economics she pursued other careers in international crisis and aid work and writing. But her love for art never faded.
Teaching art at a public school reignited her passion, and in 2019 she turned her focus to contemporary collage art.

‘Since then, Edina has been creating breathtaking pieces that challenge traditional notions of art and leave viewers in awe.‘
Galerie SLP