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Susa dreamed of the sea side whilst her fingers typed the invoices she had to send out

Contemporary collage with salvaged paper
25x25 cm

What I truly love about abstract is that it aims right at the emotions. As previously mentioned art is a language to me that helps to connect and to convey what I feel, believe in and observe. Expressing it in words is one thing but visualising is so much more to me. Said so I’d still like to walk you through my process.

I worked here with a number of different papers from different time periods. The oldest piece is about 70 years old and comes from a book sleeve. Others are from a contemporary magazine and another piece again comes from a stash that I found in my old school and is about 50 years old and of a quality that you could only find in the GDR. So this actually does not only convey my own thoughts and believes but it amalgamates eras and different systems.

Heritage and provenance of the paper I use is something I am aware of when I start to work the paper to create the feel and touch to it that I aim for that work, but often enough I like how things turn out differently in the process.