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two people sitting and waiting for an angel digital collage contemporary collage art
Digital Collage

I did this collage for the international open call for the World Collage Day 2022 by the Polaroids Collage Club.

It was a challenge for me to work with the original polaroid prompt that I received for this open call. Initially I planned an analog cut and paste approach but then I came across a matching photograph, that I had taken a while ago. I decided to go digital and scanned the polaroid. The background is also a scan and has been taken of an old book. I like the brittleness and colours aged paper takes on, it gives the collage a vintage look, though the original photography is definitely very contemporary.

The two figures with their backs turned towards the observer evoke a certain intimacy. It’s like the observer eavesdrops on those two that have this conversation about what they wait for or expect to see. The bird high up is somehow connecting these two grounded figures with something higher and hinting, that they are seeking something that is coming not in the shape they expect and thus cannot see. It’s a rather spiritual and agnostic piece of work - in a way Godot-like.

The title is meant in a literal sense. Someone telling a secret and giving it away to one of the two sitting there in the grass and waiting. Whilst they wait they start talking and confiding more and more to each other, divulging on why they sit there. We learn only from one of them the reason for sitting there. Why the other one is there remains unsaid and is left to the observer’s imagination.